Taylor Swift’s Giant Squad
During her 1989 World Tour, which ran May 5 to December 12, Taylor Swift went all-out: light-up wristbands, 50,000-seat arenas, and, of course, her squad, which was a lot bigger than any of us could have imagined, encompassing Karlie Kloss, Kobe Bryant, and seemingly everyone in between. Documented extensively on Instagram and Twitter, every night was a surprise—who could forget the on-screen Olivia Benson meeting Taylor’s cat of the same name backstage?

![pray for paris]()
Photo: Courtesy of Jihye Jang / @ji_hyess
**#PrayForParis** For better or worse, social media is also there when tragedy strikes. On Friday, November 13, terrorists struck Paris, and the impact of the attacks [were felt around the world](http://www.vogue.com/13371069/paris-terrorist-attacks/). An outpouring of support on social networks immediately followed, with hashtags #PrayForParis and #JeSuisParis, and even #PorteOuverte to help those stranded find a place to stay the night.