Terra Capital announced today its latest addition to its growing investment portfolio, with a seed investment into Singapore-headquartered online property rental marketplace Flat Monthly

Flat Monthly is an online platform for landlords, agents, and tenants that expedites listing, searching, and transacting agreements for the rental of condominiums and apartments. By moving the rental process online, automating many routine tasks, and offering cutting edge features like 3D photography, virtual reality tours, digital signing and online rental payment, Flat Monthly streamlines the rental process end-to-end; saving time and money while achieving more satisfactory results. Terra Capital’s investment in Flat Monthly will be used for immersive content.

Terra Capital CEO Stefan Gunnarsson commented, “We are delighted to add Flat Monthly to our invested companies. Flat Monthly’s growth trajectory is leading it to establish a large footprint across Southeast Asia. I fully believe Flat Monthly will become the Expedia of the high growth sector of long-term rental space. Flat Monthly’s disruptive solution and experienced core team are strongly positioned to become the next winner in the property tech space.”

Over the past three years, Terra Capital has invested $2 million USD total in eleven startups in pre-seed, early stage rounds, with the aim of investing $5 million USD within the next twelve months.