The Siam is currently Bangkok’s number one hotel on TripAdvisor, and it certainly didn’t get there by being ordinary – so would like to give everyone the chance to appreciate the magic that makes this unique luxury property so special. Whether you dream of visiting, already had that pleasure, or are curious to know more, we’re going to show you ten things about The Siam that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

  • Did you know that Bangkok was supposed to host a Grand Prix in 1939? It didn’t happen because World War II broke out, but The Siam still has the original poster of the Bangkok Grand Prix 1939. You can also find the Michelin Man doing a ‘wai’ … and no, it’s not for sale.
  • There are 32 trumpets, trombones, and other brass instruments above the bar at Deco. The bar isn’t the easiest to discover within the hotel, but look for trumpets and you’ll find the right place.
  • Cameras! In the screening room you’ll find a collection numbering no fewer than 69 cameras, along with the large original projector.
  • Before the current Thai flag with its three colors, Thailand, or Siam, used to have a red flag bearing a white elephant, and this original can be seen at The Siam, above the check-in counter to be exact.
  • The horse carriage at the Siam is from the Han Dynasty, dating back 2,000 years.
  • Unlike other hotels, The Siam offers its guests a tattoo studio, and not just regular tattoos, but sacred ‘Sak Yant’ tattoos created by one of the most famous tattoo masters, ‘Ajarn (Master) Boo’.
  • Male staff wear skirts at the Siam. All male butlers wear the traditional sarong.
  • The opulent surroundings of the Opium Spa can become your own private venue…
  • The Siam welcomes Thai royalty as frequent guests, and regularly plays host to foreign celebrities such as David Beckham.
  • The best word to describe the spectacular collection of artwork and historical items throughout the hotel, from Han and Ming Dynasty masterpieces to French soldiers’ uniforms from World War I is… ‘Priceless’.

The Siam is not just a hotel. It is the only luxury hotel located in Bangkok’s Royal Quarter – the Dusit district which is home to all the royal palaces. The hotel is here not to follow trends, or follow guests. It was created to surprise and delight its guests, and does so each and every day. To bring The Siam to a wider audience, the owner, or should we say curator, Kamala Sukosol, will release a book, ‘Our World’, in March this year to celebrate the creation of this remarkable city oasis.