MDAwMDAwMDA0_MjkzMTAwMjIwMTA1ODE3MzQzODAwODEx2-2TCC Hotels Group has strong confidence in Thailand’s tourism industry as it prepares to be a regional hub, embracing the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community. It has announced the major renovation and expansion plan of Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok’s biggest hotel with highest room capacity, starting October 2, 2014, expected to complete in late 2015 with the policy to continue the employment of all 800 staff.

The property’s current 1,260 rooms will be redesigned with a comprehensive overhaul program with 3 billion baht investment that will encompass all public areas – including the lobby, lounge, spa, restaurants and bar as well as the guest rooms and suites. Great care will be taken to ensure the charm and atmosphere of the hotel are retained. The program to renovate the largest hotel in Bangkok is in line with TCC Hotels Group’s policy of improving sustainability and environmental considerations with advanced energy saving initiatives throughout its own portfolio.

The top management of TCC Hotels Group expressed some concern over 800 hotel staff and review that “The company is concerned and values every employee. We are willing to continue the employment of all staff in normal practice. During the hotel closure, staff will be trained and prepared for the hotel re-opening in the time of AEC. Additionally, employment will be retained with regular pay and benefits throughout 2 years of renovation. We suppose business expansion and improvement vitally benefits employee’s welfare and future. Nonetheless, those who want to leave or retire will be offered compensation packages that exceed the law requires. We hope most of the employees will be still working with us, because we are fully confident in the future growth of Thailand’s tourism industry as the upcoming center of ASEAN Economic Community.”.