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Tara Hanrahan, Group Director of Spa Operation for SPA Cenvaree at Centara Hotels&Resorts
The festive season is here and we know our guests need a little bit of pampering. Hotel spas often offer a long hour treatment, good for the guests but not everyone has the luxury of time. Hotelintel.co speaks with Tara Hanrahan, Group Director of Spa Operation for SPA Cenvaree at Centara Hotels&Resorts about why you should visit Cenvaree.

Hotelintel.co: What is the percentage your spas generate to hotel revenue?

Tara Hanrahan: It depends a lot on the location and guest mix of the spa. Our resort spas will naturally have a higher revenue share as guests are on holiday and more likely to use recreational facilities while some hotels that are stronger in MICE have guests who do not have time for spa. So it does vary quite significantly – a rough guide would be 3-10%.

Hotelintel.co: What’s the strategy to keep guests in house instead of going to spa outside of the hotels?

TH: Thailand has 13,000 spas and in the last 10 years we have seen an upswing in the quality of local spas. So, for some properties they have become direct competition. The most important strategy is to show guests why they should come to our spas – what is different about SPA Cenvaree and why they should. We spend a lot of time training our therapists in how to care for the guest – showing empathy; working from the heart and making guests feel special and comfortable. We’re committed to having ‘the best-trained therapists in Thailand’ and that is one of our key tenets. Our re-booking rate (the number of guests that rebook another treatment) is one of the highest for any hotel brand and it’s because our guests know that we care about them. For me, it’s the difference between popping into McDonald’s for a burger or going to a really nice restaurant where the service, cuisine and ambience create a lasting memory. So, when we do promotions and visual displays we showcase our points of difference.

Hotelintel.co: Are you planning to be a spa brand? If so, what’s the plan? If not, why?

TH: SPA Cenvaree is a strong and trusted spa brand with 40 spas throughout South East Asia, Indian Ocean and soon in the Middle East. We’re launching a chain of day spas in shopping centres in Thailand next year, which will help strengthen the brand. Our spa retail line, which is sold in our spas as well as at our boutique shop, something to Remember, is expanding to include more gift items.

Hotelintel.co: What’s the latest trend in Spa world?

TH:I can sometimes be a bit skeptical about trends because some of them are used for PR and a great story without authenticity or underlying value. From my perspective, as spa, massage and wellness becomes more mainstream and a necessity, not a luxury, I see a return to simplicity – great treatments at a great price in a great location with consistent, high-level service. A lot of spas have too many treatments on offer, not allowing for the best practice in any.  We have scaled back in some of our spas to a reduced menu listing and revenue has increased. It used to be that the treatments and treatment ingredients themselves were what separated spas. Now there’s so much homogeneity it’s not surprising that people are trying to get on the bandwagon with newsworthy items.

People are more time-poor and often don’t want to spend $200USD for a 60-minute massage. Walk-in spas in shopping centers where you can have a great foot massage with free WIFI and lovely coffee are definitely on the rise’

When you have an hour’s lunch break and you need a relaxing (or nap, in my case) time, you want to be able to get a good treatment, good service, in a trusting environment without being forced into a 200USD treatment – Cenvaree does just that. I think it’s a very smart strategy for hotels to be able to offer this service to its guests.