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Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Orhun Denizoglu as Director of Food and Beverage. Orhun has been building up his extensive background in Food and Beverage for the past decades and sharpened his skills with different luxury properties around the world, including Ritz Carton properties in Turkey and Bahrain, Fairmont in the UAE and Ayada resort in Maldives.

With his expertise and fresh insights, Orhun will ensure the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit continues to provide guests with the best culinary experiences and service in Bangkok and to drive F&B innovation and creativity.

The culinary world is evolving, and what is trendy yesterday or in one country might not be relevant to today or in another geographic location. But overall, here is my selection of what is “in” in the Food and Beverage world right now: Locally sourced meats/seafood and beverages – Don’t get me wrong, we do not rule out imported products but also embracing local produces so much more for its freshness and also to introduce the local’s best products to our guests, Snacks and mezzes served any time during the day, Good fats like butter return back to kitchen, Smoked spices and Asian flavors are definitely popular. As for beverage goes, unclear beverages such as whiskies, bourbon and flavored rum will replace clear beverages like vodka, gin.’ said Orhun when asked about what is trending in F&B world.

**‘**Classic meal timings and I blame this on the new lifestyle that we are leading. The new generation doesn’t want to be stuck on 3 meals and frankly, sometimes their schedules do not allow them to have this luxury. So all-day-dining and snack bars is our reply to this, and portions are getting smaller while food variety increases as well.’ Added Orhun.

Bangkok is wildly recognized by its good restaurants, great food and very innovative F&B concept, so the competition is fierce in the city of angels. ‘*For me, the only way to stay relevant and competitive in Bangkok is coming back to the basic: no matter what, do not compromise when it comes to the quality of food and service standards. Sure, interesting décor and concept can lure clients to visit you, but what keep them coming back is the food and service. We, after all, operate restaurants and bars, not amusement parks. The second focus is to build our loyalty clientele. It has been mentioned over and over again that it is less costly to maintain repeated clients than to attract new crowd. The repeated clients will also serve as your ambassador and introduce your establishments to their network. Therefore, for us, we definitely would like to expand the use of Club Marriott loyalty card, a joint paid membership for Marriott Thailand and oversea. *

Now, your food is desirable and the service is on point, it is time to create an attractive culinary and beverage promotions calendar, supported by guest Chefs and beverage masters for a different experience breaking the routine.’ Orhun also mentioned that he is preparing something for everyone for the rest of the year at

Not only does he knows all about food when it comes to service Orhun knows what he is doing. His last assignment prior to Bangkok was with JW Marriott Medan in Indonesia, where he held the position of Director of Food and Beverage for the past 2.5 years with impressive performance by achieving financial results, service excellence and employees satisfaction across 7 F&B outlets.

You have to be hands-on. Especially for operations (or in my case, in Food and Beverages operations), you can put them in a classroom all day, tell them all service standards in the world and it still very unpredictable when you place them on the shop floor. The best method is on-the-job training. By observing the staff and guide them by leadership presence, you will be able to provide timely feedbacks and corrections to the team. Also, you have to understand each individual and each role is unique, therefore set individual goals for your team and provide necessary tools to train for success. Last but not less, be a role model. You cannot ask your team to provide excellent service when you cannot show them how that being done’