just interviewed F1 driver Alex Albon to learn more about his experiences in the hotels which are a big part of his life as the Formula One calendar takes him around the world. One area where you’d think hotels should excel is bedding, but Alex revealed that he always takes his own pillows everywhere he goes, because nothing beats the familiarity of your own pillow when a good night’s sleep is critical.

However, it might not just be unfamiliar pillows that keep Alex or other guests awake in their hotel suites. It might just be something we rarely think about. Could the problem be linked to the bedsheets?

The human body is a remarkable source of heat, but at night the body needs to cool down to facilitate sleeping, and the way it does this is through the evaporation of moisture from the skin. It’s quite normal to release around 30 ml of moisture every hour as the body temperature drops by one or two degrees in the night, and that moisture has to go somewhere. What often results is a build-up of humidity around the body which can become quite uncomfortable. One way to beat this problem is through the latest bedsheets which use 37.5® Technology.

There’s nothing really new about 37.5® Technology – it will be familiar to sports enthusiasts and those who like the outdoor life – but we’re now seeing it made available for bedding. After all, if it can prevent hikers working up an uncomfortable sweat, it should be able to handle the moisture our bodies produce at night. The basic idea is that a microclimate is formed close to the skin, and the humidity in this zone can be controlled to an optimum level for comfort.

Tests have been carried out by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology in order to compare the 37.5® bedding with conventional bedsheets, and further studies have been conducted at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs to determine whether it is possible to achieve better sports performance through the better sleep that 37.5® bedding promises.

We checked out a few product reviews to see if the claims live up to expectations, and it’s fair to say that the vast majority are very positive. Mixed in among the five-star scores, however, was our favorite. “I absolutely love this bedsheet,” gushed one reviewer. “But I had to knock one star off the score because it’s not quite big enough. I should have ordered the king size so I could tuck it in properly.”

So hoteliers – maybe this is something you should check out, but don’t forget to get your tape measures out before you place any huge orders.