Your Best Year Ever* continues! **All throughout December, Charlotte Cho, *the creative force behind Soko Glam and author of ‘The Little Book of Skincare,’ will help you eradicate dull December skin.

I’ve lived a good chunk of my life wandering between three cities: Los Angeles, Seoul, and New York. And despite the combating cultural and climate changes, one major constant punctuates each experience: No matter where I live, my mother never ceases to provide me with her worldly advice. One week she might recommend that I eat more carrots because they’re good for my eyesight; the next she’ll gently suggest I drink less ice water because, apparently, cold water isn’t good for the soon-to-be-gestated womb. Yikes.

I’m not entirely sure where she gets this information, and why she treats it like her life (or my reproductive system) depends on it, but I can’t blame her. I’ve also been guilty of falling victim to “old wives’ tales”; I’ve even changed my lifestyle based on information that was, looking back, simply the product of clever advertising.

In my early foray into Korean skin care, I realized that though there’s no dearth of information about keeping a healthy complexion, much of the intel is misinterpreted or misinformed. While getting hands-on esthetician training in New York, I consulted many people who religiously used products targeted to their age group, turned up their noses at products that weren’t “chemical-free,” or were exasperated that no matter how much water they downed, their skin was still a dry, flakey mess. That’s when I realized how confused people were about skin care, and how important it is to clear your head of the marketing info-overload we’ve been consuming (consciously and subconsciously) for years.