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Having been in the industry for the past 18 years with more than 600 clients, Smart Finder is well known as a homegrown Thai brand. Today, the innovative thinkers at Smart Finder are ready to take their vision to the next level, with many great new ideas to offer the hospitality industry.

Hoteliers are always looking for ways to improve customer service, and guest engagement is one key focus in the hotel industry. However, the costs in operating a hotel are trending upwards so hotels today are seeking a solution that helps them to make the most out of their budget. Achieving these two goals simultaneously is difficult as hotels often have to trade off quality against cost.

In May, Smart Finder will be launching the new version of its property management system called Smart HMS M Series, which might go some way towards solving the hoteliers’ dilemma. The new era of hotel management is likely to be defined by how well hotels can engage with guests, so the Smart HMS M Series is designed to empower hotels in this regard by giving hotels unprecedented mobility in operation and service. Equipped with advanced mobile technology, hotels can use the Smart HMS M Series to work flexibly and serve guests anywhere using tablets. For example, front desk staff can actually come out from behind the desk to interact with guests, and check-in can be performed anywhere, for the comfort and convenience of the visitor. This mobility allows much closer engagement with guests. “Those hotels, which have better customer engagement have more chance to build loyalty,” explained Thanapol Raktham, Business Development Director of Smart Finder.

In addition to the famous Property Management System that is already on the market, Smart Finder is now ready to launch many more features to fulfill the need of hoteliers:

Getvza Mobile Guest Service Solutions allows guests to engage with the hotel constantly; they can order food and drinks, browse special menus and pay bills via their mobile phones. Better customer engagement is the benefit that Smart Finder clients will receive as the company provides smart tools that let hotel guests interact directly with their hosts using their mobile devices.

Smart HMS M Series is a Property Management System, which employs advanced mobile technology to enable hotels to engage with guests using mobile devices. In today’s hospitality industry this is essential because mobility is the new face of engagement.

Although we are in the tech business, we don’t forget that it is important for our customers to be able to reach for help 24/7. We make sure our clients will be in good hands, and that our customer service team features a blend of highly experienced experts, software engineers, technical professionals, and hoteliers,” Thanapol added.

Smart Finder is currently expanding rapidly in the AEC market and is looking to branch out internationally within the next four years. Thanks to its innovative and creative technical staff, the company looks all set to boost Thailand’s reputation in this field for years to come..