Smart Finder with its ‘Smart HMS M Series’ was declared a runner up at the TICTA Awards 2015 in the Hospitality category at Royal Paragon Hall on the 23rd of August. With cutting edge solutions that create workflow for hoteliers, the Smart Finder ‘M Series’ is an outstanding newcomer in the field of property management systems for hotels.

The competition is held annually in association with SIPA (Software Industry Promotion Agency), to promote innovations that allow hoteliers to create better workflow with reliable software that understands the needs of each business and adds more value for clients.

“Smart HMS M Series is a new breed of Hotel Management System that leverages various mobile features that enhance hotel operation effectiveness and efficiency, as well as increasing customer engagement levels and satisfaction. From Mobile Check-in, Fast Lane Check-in, Mobile Guest Service Features, Channel Management, Revenue Management and Booking Technology to Smart Connectivity with Point of Sales, Back Office Systems and related necessary peripheral systems, the new Smart HMS M Series uses its touch navigation interface to create the highest degree of excellence in User Experience. We have torn down the wall of system complexity and made the lives of hoteliers easier, as well as raising the guests’ service engagement,” said Smart Finder CMO, Subskul Suwannatat.

“This is a stepping stone for Smart Finder to become a truly international brand. We believe that with our solutions we would be able to add more value to our clients.”

The TICTA Awards, otherwise known as the Thai ICT Awards, represent an ideal opportunity for innovative technology companies to showcase their specialist products to help improve business.