Age is just a number. Nowadays people of any age all have an unprecedented ability to travel. In fact, in recent years, multi-generational travel has been gaining popularity, as traveling together as families and spending more time with loved ones makes for unforgettable experiences and memories.

A whopping 69.5 million self-reported themselves as ‘grandparents’ in the 2014 U.S. Census, which means that it’s made a remarkable 24 percent jump since 2001.  That means that the generational gap is becoming more evident than ever before.

Introducing ‘Skip-gen’ and ‘Gramping’

The trend of “skip-gen” travel or “gramping” focuses on strengthening ties between grandparents and grandchildren, without the presence of parents. The idea may seem impossible - satisfying two completely different generations, but Marriott International says it is possible and from their research have even come up with a list of destinations best suited to ‘skip-gen’ vacations.

6 Great Skip-Gen Destinations

Some of these ideal destinations for skip-gen traveling include:

New York, NY

The Big Apple is an ideal urban destination for skip-gen travelers, due to its history, performances, and entertainment. New York offers  many eye-opening venues.

2. Boston, MA

Boston is a great destination for ‘gramping’ because it offers something for all age groups from Children’s museum, art galleries, baseball games, and Boston’s Freedom Trail on the red brick path that exists throughout the city.

3. Seattle, WA

Seattle offers ideal weather, seasonal festivals, breathtaking views of the city skyline and outdoor activities. Kids will be excited to hear that Sesame Street’s Muppets be in Seattle in July, while teenagers may want to check out Google’s new campus in the South Lake Union neighborhood.

4. Vancouver, BC

Canada! Oh, Canada! Vancouver is the ideal place for nature lovers. Guests can enjoy hiking, boating, watching an outdoor movie in a park, or even exploring a pop-up market. No matter how energetic or active the group, there is truly something for all interests.

5. Lima, Peru

The trend of skip-gen trips is attributed to baby boomers who may be retired and have more time to take a far-flung trip with their grandchildren, and Lima is a great option for these types of vacations.

Overall, each place offers a different experience for visitors of all interests and age groups. Furthermore, each destination provides a great atmosphere for fun and learning - perfect for skip-gen travelers.

Maybe it’s time for your destination and hotels to tap into the skip-gen travel market - what experiences does your town and property have on offer that both generations could enjoy together?