Sivatel Bangkok, the one of a kind lifestyle hotel dedicated to giving utmost comfort and convenience through a green approach, is celebrating its 5th anniversary with their honorable guests at the hotel’s serene, warm and picturesque atmosphere at Sivatel Bangkok Hotel on Witthayu Road. The hotel shared their history and background, values and business stand point, as well as revealing its development plans and directions.

Having operated the 5-star, all-suite for half a decade, Sivatel expressed appreciation and gratitude to guests who have visited from more than 130 countries, making the hotel a total success of a Thai-owned hotel with a true global presence. Sivatel Hotel dates back more than 50 years ago, starting from a small apartment named “Piyadham Court and turned into Holiday Mansion 30 years later. In 2009 the Sivatel Tower project was initiated including a 32-floor office and residential, and Sivatel Bangkok Hotel.

Prof. Dr. Apichati Sivayathorn**,** CEO, Sivatel Bangkok said” The first five years of a business is the most crucial time. We have gathered experiences and expertise from managing this family business for the past five years. Sivatel Bangkok’s management team also utilized our experience in the hotel and hospitality industry from our previous business to develop and improve to ensure that our guests are offered the best of the best. Managing a small scale hotel business which truly belongs to our family allows us to take total control in setting policies, overseeing and developing our staff. We are committed to giving comfort and convenience for our guests to feel like home, but in an enhanced way, without neglecting the smart equipment and facilities … The hotel is working hard to drive the business into both success and capability to achieve better performance results, and to become a leading hotel in a total wellness offering to our guests.”

Sivatel currently has 75 suite rooms, with a sky lobby on 17th floor overlooking the scenic view of Bangkok. The facilities on the 8th floor include an infinity pool, The 8th spa, The 8th health club and The Porch dining room, with Café Jardin casual dining and coffee shop on the first floor.