Serviced apartments are not what they used to be, according to Senior Director of Communications at Onyx Hospitality Group, Charles Yap. They are not going out of style, however. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as the distribution side now sees leisure travelers showing increasing interest in serviced apartments for shorter stays, opening up the segment to new possibilities.

This changing landscape has persuaded Onyx to create an innovative flexible studio concept that appeals to the needs of hotel owners and developers, project teams and guests. Shama Hub is a vibrant smart living space for both short and long-term visits, finding its solutions in space-efficient floor plates.

‏“With Shama Hub, we are combining the foundational proposition of Shama with smart engineering, playful design and a witty mindset, targeting a newer segment of travelers: the ‘informal generation’. These travelers are not defined by age, but by their quest for innovative and uplifting living spaces that align with their personal style and creativity,” said ‏Douglas Martell, President & CEO of Onyx Hospitality Group

Where Shama Hub excels, and stands out from the competition, lies in the way its studio apartments make clever use of the available space. The concept provides everything a guest might conceivably need, but in modular or foldaway form, so when it isn’t needed it doesn’t take up valuable space. For example, a foldaway wall houses two additional beds, while modular seating allows lounge configurations to suit the changing needs of the occupants. Meanwhile, the shower and WC design has been created to allow up to three people to use the facilities in private at the same time, taking space efficiency to a new level.

After 10 years of experience with Shama, we see the serviced apartments market changing. There is increasing demand for smaller units and studios with more efficient use of space. There is also increasing demand for shorter stays, even daily stays. And in the longer stay segment which will always be important, corporate project stints are becoming much shorter,” said Charles Yap.

The Shama Hub brand concept was developed by Onyx Hospitality Group with creative input from HBA DNA, the branding division of leading international hospitality design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates. ‏Development deals for the first Shama Hub properties have been signed in Haikou and Changchun in China. Negotiations with various other parties are in progress, and Onyx is poised to make additional management signing announcements for Shama Hub across the Asia-Pacific region in the coming months