Deluxe Seafood Salad

We all like to be conscious of what we eat for a long and healthy life. But eating healthily doesn’t mean having to munch on another boring salad or tasteless entrée when we dine out while our friends tuck into tastier fare.

Italian native Chef Edoardo Bonavolta at the Eastin Grand Sathon is delighted to introduce “clean-eating” and the delightful dishes on Luce’s menu that fully encompass this lifestyle concept. “Clean eating” simply means eating food in as natural a state as possible to experience the benefits of all the locked-in goodness and giving your body the treat it needs while at the same time enjoying a thoroughly satisfying meal.

Chef Edoardo invites you to sample an eclectic range of items such as Salmon Tartar with Granny Smith Apples, Minestrone Frantoiano with Organically-Certifies Legumes, Grilled vegetables mixed with couscous, Atlantic Sea Bass baked with Seasonal Vegetables and Olives,Barley risotto with Italian sausage, porcini mushroom, fresh rocket leaves and Fiorentina-Style Premium Australian Black Angus Rib-Eye served with a Green Salad.

Plus using all their skills and techniques gained over the years Chef Edoardo and his team’s cooking principles guarantee his dishes are prepared to maintain the natural taste as you savour every last morsel..