It takes a special kind of person to work on a secluded island in one of the most remote corners of the planet.  That might be why so many of the people we met at Robinson Club Maldives had people skills that were off the charts.  These guys need to be ‘on’ almost 24/7 for not only the guests, but also for each other.  

Their team members have been hand-picked from all corners of the globe and many of them have some very special talents, especially in the way of speaking foreign languages. It seems to be an environment where polyglots thrive.

In this clip, I managed to put some of my languages to the test and spoke to several of the team members in a range of different languages including Mandarin, Japanese, Indonesian and of course English.  Other languages there include Russian, Kazakh, Arabic, Dhivehi, Hindi, Thai, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and many more.