F&B managers across the hospitality sector must always keep a close eye on food waste and sustainability – so the vision of {Re} Food Forum organizers Duangporn ‘Bo’ Songvisava and Dylan Jones, who own and run the acclaimed Thai restaurant Bo.lan, and writer/farmer Leisa Tyler may strike a chord.

{Re} is a two-day symposium exploring waste, farming and sustainability in the food industry in Asia, and takes place at The Residence, Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok on March 19-20, 2018.

The idea of the {Re} Food Forum is to create awareness about how we consume food responsibly,” says Duangporn. “It’s about considering all aspects of food production, from environmental and sustainable farming techniques, to packaging, waste, and the use of indigenous ingredients.”

The event will see leading scientists, chefs, farmers, food historians, and social entrepreneurs giving concise 10-20-minute inspirational talks during the two days on topics as diverse as Resourcefulness in the Nordic Winter, Creating Markets for High Value Endemic Produce, and Upscaling Waste into Food.

One of the highlights at a Food Forum should definitely be lunch, so Day One will be Sunday Brunch to Monday Lunch, where leftovers from the Hyatt’s Sunday brunch will be transformed into something special. Day Two will be Rejected! You’re Just Not Pretty Enough – when vegetables discarded by supermarkets for size or shape imperfections will get their chance to shine.

While the Food Forum itself is already sold out, places are still available through www.re-take.asiaat a number of high-profile guest-chef dinners and intimate masterclasses which surround the main event running from March 16-21.

We hope that through the {Re} Food Forum, we can inspire people involved in food production to start making the changes needed for a better and more sustainable industry,” says Dylan Jones. “We hope we can prompt initiatives and show how the food systems, whilst part of the problem, can also be part of the solution.”