Peach began its operations out of its Kansai Airport hub in March 2012.
[Peach Aviation Limited](http://www.flypeach.com/pc/en) (“Peach”): Representative Director and CEO Shinichi Inoue announced today that the airline will shortly open a new route between Bangkok and Okinawa, Japan.

Daily flights will commence from Okinawa to Bangkok from February 19, 2017 and from Bangkok to Okinawa beginning February 20.

Shinichi Inoue said on the opening of the new route, “I feel a very strong sense of fate in the fact that we will be able to start servicing this route in 2017, the 130th anniversary of friendly ties between Japan and Thailand. The casual atmosphere of our flights, much like “flying trains”, as an airborne version of our everyday trains, will soon be available for customers in Southeast Asia to enjoy. Bangkok is not only a city famous for its temples and markets, but it’s also attracting the spotlight in new areas such as the culture that has originated in Thailand.”

“There are areas where you can find concentrations of chic shops and cafés, apparel brands, and festivals set up by creative young local entrepreneurs, and the city has become a place that boasts unquestionable popularity as a travel destination, particularly among women. I hope that by leveraging the characteristics of the route to and from Okinawa, a movement will begin to occur that has never been seen before, setting a new style of travel for women using Peach. I’m already excited that with Peach servicing the route as “a bridge for Asia”, Bangkok will become a place that people can visit more casually.”

With the opening of the new route, the Peach network will comprise a total of 27 routes of which 13 are international and 14 domestic. Seats will go on sale starting at 1 p.m. on December 20, 2016.

Peach will continue its aim of becoming “a bridge between Japan and the rest of Asia” through its proactive strategy of route expansion, and by delivering happy journeys in the sky to all its customers.