Wimintra Raj

Founder / Editor in Chief


Wimintra Jangnin is the founder and Editor in Chief of Hotelintel.co, a B2B online publication focused on hotel industry. A Political Science graduate, Wimintra found her path frequently traversing into hotel industry, so much so that she decided to make a career out of it. Over the years she has had the opportunity to learn about the industry from many of the great ‘old-school’ and ‘new-school’ hoteliers.

Wimintra is passionate about hotels and hoteliers who are passionate about their work. Her passion has taken her to numerous properties around the world and especially in Asia where she gathers ‘intel’ from everywhere and everyone – from the hotel guest rooms to staff canteen, from CEO to the doorman. Nothing is off limits when it comes to hotels.

Mr. Scott Eddy

Social Influencer / Digital Content Creator


8k+ Retweets per Week

800+ Mentions per Week


700+ Views Daily


4k+ Likes per Post

20+ Comments per Post


700+ Daily www Views


Mr. Scott Eddy is a former stockbroker turned digital content creator on the cutting edge of the travel industry. He has gained a thorough insight over 17 years of traversing foreign lands and experiencing diverse cultures around the world. By sharing his travels through captivating content, he has engaged an audience of millions that continues to grow. Mr. Scott Eddy helps hotel properties, tourism boards and travel brands get seen across the latest platforms and takes them from ‘tired’ to ‘trending’. He also shares his insights at different workshops and public speaking events around the world.

Stuart Jay Raj 王懷樂

Director / Editor

Cross Cultural, Multilingual Service and Communication Expert

Other languages Stuart has a command over include Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Hindi, Urdu, Farsi, Sign Language (Auslan / Signed English), Italian, Japanese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Khmer, Tagalog, Farsi and other regional languages of China and Southeast Asia.

E-Learning / Blended Learning

Expert in developing Learning Management Systems and E-Learning / Blended learning content solutions

Key Note Presenter / Public Speaking

Presents around the world in English, Chinese, Indonesian / Malay, Thai, Danish and more.


Fluency in over 16 Languages

Service Training / Auditing

Over 20 years as an accredited facilitator / trainer and service auditor.


Stuart or ‘Jay’ (王懷樂) is a facilitator and training specialist with an academic background in Cognitive and Applied Linguistics, specialising in providing customised face-to-face, online and blended learning and internal dispute solutions for organisations around the world.  Stuart’s experience spans across several industries including airlines, hotels, gaming and tourism.
Stuart communicates fluently in over 16 languages including Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese and other dialects), Thai, Lao, Indonesian, Malay, Khmer, Burmese, Spanish, Hindi, Danish and Vietnamese.

Stuart is regularly invited as a Key Note Presenter at events around the world, presenting in multiple languages including English, Chinese, Indonesian / Malay and Thai.

Graeme Kay

Editor / Writer


Graeme Kay is a British educator and writer who has now been based in Bangkok for over eighteen years. He has previously worked in the Japanese, Serbian, and Polish education sectors. His academic background encompassed Transport at Aston University and Education at the University of Nottingham, while his main interests are sports, travel, and transportation. Graeme is an accomplished snooker player, and makes a very useful addition to a pub quiz team as long as the questions are on geography: on music or movies he is a liability. His passion for eliminating errors and inconsistencies in spelling and grammar might not make for sparkling conversation, but is exactly what you need in a writer/editor/proofreader.

Brian Greco

Writer / Social Media


Brian Greco is a traveler, writer, and student from New York. He is passionate about design and guest experience and enjoys reviewing different properties and cultural dynamics around the world. He has visited around 40 countries solo and is on a mission to visit all 193 countries. Brian is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree at New York University with a self-designed major in Globalization & Travel. He is a lover of remote islands, beautiful interiors, balconies with a view and hotel breakfast buffets. His perspective speaks to young travelers who want to fully see the variety that exists in the world and take a different direction with their approach to travel.