One&Only, announced its partnership with leading health wellness and beauty expert brand, Chenot. As the first resort brand to deliver a scientific approach to wellness in partnership with a brand that has over 50 years of experience in the medical spa, health and wellness field, Chenot is ideal to develop and implement various methods across the One&Only portfolio of resorts. Both brands have been industry pioneers and this partnership will revolutionize the guest experience.

The new offering at One&Only will provide a complete holistic approach to wellness, with guests having the assurance that they will receive treatments based on in-depth scientific research, providing guests with the confidence that every experience is specifically for them. Two different wellness approaches will be introduced across the One&Only resort collection– the well-established Espace Chenot and the new One&Only Spa by Chenot, which has been created exclusively for the ultra-luxury resort portfolio. One&Only Spa by Chenot will open at One&Only Desaru Coast in Malaysia and Espace Chenot will be introduced at One&Only’s new resort in Europe, One&Only Portonovi in Montenegro in 2020. As each and every One&Only resort celebrates each destination, both Espace Chenot and One&Only Spas by Chenot will craft experiences for guests bespoke to each location. The Chenot experience across the One&Only portfolio will become a wellness destination from which guests can choose and combine between them, an international wellness journey.

Founder of Chenot Group, Henri Chenot, has always believed that “you need to live in harmony with yourself to be in good health,” and has dedicated over 50 years of research and state-of-the-art medical spa programmes and products that promote wellness, successful ageing and optimal health. In the early seventies, his revolutionary approach to health wellness led to the development of Biontology - the science of living and his method of rebalancing the physiology of the body that is implemented in all Chenot Health wellness retreats as the core therapeutic approach. The Chenot Group has not only become specialists in the health wellness sector, but has also developed their own line of skincare, teas, elixirs and supplements.

One&Only Spas by Chenot offers the Chenot diagnostics and treatments customized for each One&Only resort, and each guest experience will be integrated and personalized based on science.