[![VIPJets welcomes Saudi royalty on board-](http://hotelintel.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Welcome-Saudi-Royalty-on-board-of-VIP-Jets-300x225.jpg)](http://hotelintel.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Welcome-Saudi-Royalty-on-board-of-VIP-Jets.jpg)
VIPJets welcomes Saudi royalty on board-
No matter how beautiful and attractive a property is, if people can’t get there they can’t stay there. The world is not short of stunning locations, but after contemplating airport check-in, baggage collection, airport transfers, onward transfers, and then perhaps yet another transfer, it’s no surprise that people start to have second thoughts. Unless, that is, the destination can truly deliver that ‘Wow’ factor and has its own private transport to smooth the difficult journey. Unfortunately, very few properties can hope to afford a private jet while running a financially viable business operation.

People love to get off the beaten track and seek out those hidden gems, but airlift is a significant challenge on two different levels. Mainstream tourism across Southeast Asia has been boosted significantly by the development of low cost airline networks, opening up hitherto unconsidered destinations to a whole new traveling demographic. However, as Luzi Matzig, CEO of VIP Jets, points out, low cost carriers, or even scheduled full-service airlines, are not really suitable for upscale clients heading for the most exclusive hideaways.

Destinations like Sihanoukville, Phu Quoc, Con Dao or Cam Ranh Bay offer limited connections via scheduled flights, requiring connecting flights which are time consuming and more expensive. For upmarket clients planning to visit five-star resorts, private jet charter flights offer a good solution, being able to operate non-stop to these off-the-beaten-track destinations at the time of the clients’ choosing.”

Our Citation Mustang can fly from Don Muang International airport to Sihanounkville in one hour and 10 minutes which works out to 2,335 USD per person/one way, or just 3,100 USD per person in a party of four if we include two overnights.”

At present, these new destinations are not served by direct flights, but that doesn’t mean that there is no hope for hoteliers who might be thinking of opening properties there. VIPJet offers to add value to your property by not only by acting as an air taxi service for well-heeled clients, but also in helping to up-sell for your hotel.

Instead of simply charging clients per one-way trip, we’re now offering special packages including overnights at one or two to three boutique hotels where aircraft and crew stand by for clients’ onward flight to their next destination whenever they wish to fly. We avoid ‘empty legs’ and become more attractive and convenient at the same time,” said Luzi.

Although there are several options for chartering private jets out there in the market, VIPJets has a slightly different approach according to Luzi. “While other operators based in Hong Kong, Singapore, or even here in Bangkok offer large jets with up to 12 seats, our smaller Citation Mustang jet is ideal for small groups of up to four people traveling together at very attractive rates.”

Is there anything that says ‘High-end’ better than an upscale hotel and a VIPJet? I don’t think so.