What are ‘Virtual Hotel Rooms’? Kaneswaran Avili, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of NIDA Rooms simply explains what exactly his company does.

We take unsold inventories from hotel partners and market them as ‘NIDA Rooms’. We co-exist with OTAs and we have partnerships established with OTAs like booking.com and expedia.com where our hotel rooms are listed and sold in their platform. Other key partnerships with major OTAs include China’s Ctrip, Tujia and also Indonesia’s PegiPegi  and Via.”

NIDA Rooms aims to add value for SME’s, especially independent hotels, helping them manage unsold inventory, and selling them under the one brand of ‘NIDA Rooms’, which is understood by its members to hold certain standards to rooms for guests. In just under 10 months, NIDA Rooms had secured over 4,000 hotels in key locations in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. Hotel partnerships are only secured once the properties have been scrutinised by means of a thorough quality check. Only well managed and maintained hotels get to join and be branded as part of the network.

You cannot just offer a commission to be a part of NIDA Rooms. Hotels need to live up to certain standards. Some of those standards that NIDA Rooms promises to its end users include  ‘Product Position: Great locations’, ‘Authentic Guest Reviews’, ‘Room Quality Assurance : ensure rooms have aircon, hot shower, wifi and a clean room and comfy bed’, as well as ‘Lowest Price Guaranteed’. Where there is any price difference, NIDA Rooms will compensate the difference up to a certain amount.

Before selling rooms, NIDA Rooms’ team members will inspect facilities and categorise them according to quality.

The future looks very bright for NIDA Rooms as the shared economy continues to grow.

“We have opened so far in 4 countries in one year of operation, and we are entering Singapore and Vietnam this year. It’s a phenomenal expansion for a start up company of barely 2 years old, especially in this market.”