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Announcing the birth of a new word for our cyber-linked world. Ladies and gentlemen, this word evokes feelings of narcissism, vanity and all thing showy. May I introduce the hottest new hash-tag for hoteliers – ‘#Hotelfie’

This new hash-tag trend has to-date, tagged 779 photos on Instagram. How could you resist taking a selfie in a beautiful hotel elevator? … or better still, via the bathroom mirror? This new hash-tag hasn’t been used in Asia as much as It has been in Europe.

Hotels such as Hotel De Hallen, Clarion Hotel Ernst, Hotel JLNo76, and Calrion Collection Hotel Aurora have jumped on the opportunity of involving this fun hash-tag into their PR & Marketing plans. They are letting guests enter a #hotelfie competition, with the best photo winning some great rewards.

If you are a hotelier and you haven’t jumped on the #hotelfie bandwagon yet, it is not too late. Start showcasing your hotel in a way that professional photographers would never be able to do … and perhaps would never dream of doing!

This is also a great way to check out your guests’ creativity. To date, there haven’t been any that have really pushed and boundaries in the creativity area – but who knows what’s in store.

There could be a down side of this too. With guest opinions and reviews being king now, the #hotelfie hash-tag is one more device that can put the spot-light on negative experiences at a property too. The last thing a hotelier would want is a guest posting a pout after experiencing under-par service or food. Whether you want to join in the #hotelfie fun or not, it’s probably a hash-tag that you will want to check daily just to make sure your property is getting out there the way you want to be.