Looking for a job in the fields of hospitality? Obviously, it may be a struggle to have to find a suitable company to work for. Luckily, we are in the twenty-first century, technology keeps us connected. The good news is, Minor Hotels is announcing the launch of a new multimedia careers portal. Search within a broad range of opportunities available - internships, management trainee, senior leadership positions - you name it.

What is to offer:

  1. 360 Degree Brand Experience - to help Talent discover what it is like to work at Minor Hotels.
  2. Easy Navigation - to allow Talent to explore career opportunities and expand their potentials.
  3. Event Calendar - to inform Talent about local meetings with the recruitment team.
  4. Simple Application Process - for any vacancies across the portfolio of brands worldwide.

The “Your World” section showcases team members’ career trajectories in their own local language, highlighting the opportunity to grow, learn and succeed locally or in any country Minor Hotels operates within. The choice of going global is offered to all team members wishing to expand their professional horizons. A series of videos are showcased on the new website to introduce what it is like to work at Minor Hotels from a team member’s point of view. Some started out as interns and now hold leadership roles within the company. Other team members have had the opportunity to create new roles for themselves, reflecting the fast growing and entrepreneurial spirit of the company and its chairman and founder William E. Heinecke.

The chance to work with one of the finest hospitality companies is here, all there is to do is give it a go. Head over to learn more: https://careers.minorhotels.com/en/