The Mercure brand is launching its BOT, an up-to-the-minute instant messaging solution available on Facebook and Messenger. Offering a hotel experience anchored in a specific locality is the very essence of the Mercure brand and its venues. Everything from design to food is geared towards helping guests grasp what makes a city tick and providing inroads into the history and hidden treasures that form the identity of a place. But only a BOT is capable of memorizing the full range of stories from so many places around the world! This handy tool will enable travelers and neighborhood residents alike to discover the “Local Stories” that surround them, simply by geolocating and allowing themselves to be guided.

This one-of-a-kind conversational BOT promises to provide users with a fresh look at each city by sharing the secrets known only to locals.

A new way to travel or to rediscover your home city. Mercure will use the BOT to offer its customers the possibility of getting to know the city they’re visiting in a totally unique and authentic way, taking them off the beaten track and offering anecdotes grouped under the heading “Local Stories.”

All users need to do is geolocate and ask the BOT what’s worth a look nearby, and then let themselves be guided through the conversation. The BOT is also aimed at local communities wishing to rediscover their city or neighborhood.
Users themselves will enrich the experience and ideas contained in the Local Stories over time. Inspired by the finds prompted by this veritable travel companion, they will in turn be able to share their own recommendations, thereby enriching the experience for other users.
The BOT will be keen to gather new tips: “Where? Who? When? I want to know everything. You can pass the message on at…”

Humorous and straight-talking, the Mercure BOT will enhance the experience of travelers wishing to get a novel view of a city, while offering locals the opportunity to learn their neighborhood’s secrets: “What’s behind the facade of 145 rue Lafayette?” “Where is the world’s smallest nightclub?”

This one-of-a-kind conversational BOT enables Mercure to showcase the specific local flavor of each city and strengthen its image as a brand rooted in its local environment.

Designed by BETC, the Mercure BOT is available from the dedicated Facebook page Mercure the Bot, on Messenger and will be soon relayed through Mercure Facebook page.