Ever wondered why your news has never been published? put together a number of reasons why we (the media) don’t pick up your news.

We hope you understand that we also have a brand standard to follow, just like your hotel. Nothing personal!

First of all, don’t expect your news to get picked up if you send it to the wrong type of media. You have to understand the nature of each media sector; who are their audience, what is the target market and so on. At we don’t pick up a special happy hour press release, buffet discount news, or the launch of your new blankets because our readers are hoteliers and such news doesn’t wow them – plus we don’t want to have the same content as the rest of the media you send your releases to.

Jeff Weinstein, Editor at, said the reason he won’t pick up your press release is because your news is not relevant to his niche market.

Bad grammar is also irritating for editors. Would you like going through hundreds of news items on a daily basis and having to edit every word? No, we didn’t think so.

A good press release is one that is well structured with good grammar, good English, and that is also well presented,” observed Stephen Morton, CEO and Editor in Chief of Global Travel Media.

Sometimes, however, your news is interesting and well-written and we are just about to publish it – and then we find out that there are no images to choose from, not enough information, and when we try to make a request for images and details, you disappear for two days and your news is no longer fresh.

Although having a good relationship with the media seems to be an advantage, I asked Jeff if ‘Media Relations’ helps when picking up a press release. He replied that content was the main thing: “Again, if you understand the specific needs of my readers, it will be picked up.

Meanwhile Stephen said, “We all work on relationships, and when you have a good working relationship with PR / MARCOMMS then you will always do things to help them out.”

As for me, a good relationship goes a long way. We may not be able to publish your news this time but it might be possible to do so in the future..