Everyday, harried travelers clutching tangled power cords march through airports or dash into coffee shops seeking precious electrical outlets in hopes of alleviating the looming anxiety — their devices losing battery power at exactly the wrong time. Marriott Hotels, the flagship brand of Marriott International, Inc., understands this frustration and has jumped into action with the introduction of Kube Systems’ portable charging stations using Qi technology – the global standard in wireless charging – in the Greatroom lobbies of 29 of its hotels this month.

The idea was sparked by real travelers’ submissions on TravelBrilliantly.com – Marriott Hotels’ platform for engaging guests and consumers in co-creation – for more convenient ways to charge power hungry devices, such as iPhones, Android devices and iPads. The brand listened and collaborated with Kube Systems to bring this innovative idea to life.

“Leisure and business travelers have struggled for power on the road as battery technology has not kept pace with the demands of larger screens, faster processors and more app-driven devices,” said Dave Weinstein, Vice President of Kube Systems. “A two-year development effort in collaboration with Marriott technologists has resulted in the KS Portable™: a truly unique solution to charge virtually every mobile device on the market today, without the need for guests to carry cables or adaptors.”

Featuring a sleek, contemporary design, the portable chargers’ built-in connecters can simultaneously power up to six devices, covering all Apple, Android and Windows Mobile Devices. Qi wireless charging technology allows compatible smartphones to charge simply by resting on the KS Portable™ Qi transmitter, removing the need for cables and cutting the final cord that tethers devices – the power cord.

The portable charger seamlessly enhances the new Greatroom lobby that merges modern, stylish design and comfort with greater access to food & beverage and technology. Designed as a social hub, the Greatroom lobby is the perfect space for tech-savvy guests to work, relax and socialize, and now with the addition of portable charging, guests are free to decide how their time is spent – whether charging up while enjoying a beverage or catching up on an uninterrupted work session..