When guests stay at your hotel, whether or not they will take photos while they’re at your property is ultimately in their hands - some will and some won’t. When they do, great! You now have a handful of photos that they might share through their social media accounts and if you’re lucky, you might be able to share some of them too. The reality is however that the impact of these are short lived and they are quickly buried under subsequent posts, never to see the light of day again. There is a way however, where the ritual of ‘guest photos’ can bring much more value to your property.

One way to add value to the whole activity of guest photos being posted on social media is to offer a social media printer for guests to print their photos. That is, set up a booth in one of your public areas, usually in the hotel lobby where guests snap shots of themselves — which may be incentivized — then share on their social media account with your branding. When used properly, these photos go beyond just being posted online for a handful of people to see. It becomes a fun way to delight guests and extend engagement beyond their stay. Instaroid is a company that specializes in the rental of such photo booths and they have been experiencing a surge in use, for good reason.

Instaroid is an absolute hit with our guests. In this day and age where data is crucial, Instaroid has been instrumental in providing us with a database of guest data that is extremely valuable. We have successfully used it for email marketing and engagement on platforms such as Facebook. It is highly recommended.” said Rami Nuek, GM of Hotel Solitaire Bangkok Sukhumvit 11.

Fraser Ross, cluster General Manager of Novotel Phuket Karon & Surin is also a believer. He says: "We've had Instaroid printers in the lobby of our beach resorts for a year now, and have just renewed for another year. Guests love it. Some are even addicted to the point of methodically printing their daily quota of photos during their stay!

In one year, we have surpassed 5,000 posts that have been shared online by over 2,000 users. These constant word of mouth messages give us amazing exposure on social media - the ROI is clear.

One strength of this solution is the profile database that we collect which we use to send newsletters and run Facebook retargeting ads to drive bookings."

Having an Instaroid photobooth is one of the best ways for hotels to engage not only directly with guests on site, but they can also use these experiences as touch points with all of the networks attached to those guests. Even more, this marketing tool is a real call to action that can help launch promotions and collect customer data.

Instaroid (LINE: @instaroid) currently has offices in Thailand, Singapore, and 8 other locations across Asia, Europe and the USA.