[![Chef Chumpa Thaineam, Chef de Cuisine of the Mayflower Restaurant, Dusit Thani Bangkok](http://hotelintel.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Chef-Chumpa-at-The-Mayflower-300x200.jpg)](http://hotelintel.co/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Chef-Chumpa-at-The-Mayflower.jpg)
Chef Chumpa Thaineam, Chef de Cuisine of the Mayflower Restaurant, Dusit Thani Bangkok
Chinese culture plays a big role in Asian societies, especially in South East Asian countries where a significant proportion of the population consider themselves to be Thai-Chinese, Indonesian-Chinese, Malay-Chinese, Filipino-Chinese, and so on. Throughout the region, Chinese cuisine is recognized in many circles to be an expensive status symbol. However, just as Chinese food differs across the various provinces of China itself, South East Asian countries also each have their own version of Chinese food.

In Bangkok, Mayflower is one of the most famous Chinese restaurants. Mayflower has been serving diners for 40 years and is renowned for its Chinese food. Dusit Thani, as a Thai brand, was quick to realize the fact that there are around 26 million people in Thailand who claim Chinese ancestry, and this is why Dusit has carried its legacy of Mayflower to today.

Chef Chumpa Thaineam, Chef de Cuisine of the Mayflower Restaurant, has been with the group for 32 years. Before joining Dusit Thani he was working with a Chinese restaurant, so Chinese cuisine is no stranger for this Thai chef.

Thais have a different expectation for Chinese food; what we do here is authentic Chinese in Thailand, and for Chinese who are born here this is the taste they expect,” chef Chumpa explained.

People who come here are our regular customers who have been coming here for 20-30 years. They are familiar with our dishes and they love our food,” he added. “Occasionally, we will change our menu and run special promotions but our regular dishes remain the same.”

At first I was skeptical whether Thai-Chinese food would do well, but a visit to Mayflower is perfect proof that this is the ideal place for local Thai-Chinese and for anyone who loves Thai-Chinese food. It also shows that to achieve success in Food & Beverage, you must be able to adapt to the market you are in.

Mayflower has its famous Peking Duck that is well-known for its crispiness and taste. One of the waitresses mentioned that there are some customers who never fail to order exactly the same dish every time they visit Mayflower.

Sometimes in Food & Beverage, or in the hotel industry in general, we often debate whether or not food should be adjusted to local taste buds. Much of the time we fight to be in the ‘Authentic’ category, but when you look more closely at the business viability, the dishes that people usually eat are invariably the ones that win.