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Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit
Indian Wedding are for some, seemingly endless parties and ceremonies where every family member, close and extended gets together to celebrate with the newlyweds. It usually lasts for 3-4 days with hundreds of guests from all over the globe. Expect the unexpected!

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit is one of the ‘places to go’ in Bangkok if you’re looking to hold an Indian Wedding and Director of Sales, Manis Hedge shared some of his insights about Indian Weddings from a hotelier’s point of view.


“Food is the main criteria. Indian weddings have quite a few restrictions in terms of food. No beef, no pork as well as strictly vegetarian food or Jain food (no onion and no garlic). For the stricter Jains they do not eat any root vegetables as well. They want the food to be like what they get back home. So having Chefs from India who know a variety of food is a must for these weddings.

Food for the priests is also a consideration, as they will have specific requirements.

This is why Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit dedicates two Indian chefs just for these special events. Also, if guests need a specialized chef, the hotel can accommodate them.”


“We have hosted 354 guests for a wedding at the Bangkok Marriott. That meant that the hotel needed to be prepared for bulk early check ins, late check outs, complex room allocations and last minute changes of rooms and add ons.”

A little tip from Manish is to have the bride’s side’s guests on a floor together and the groom’s side on separate floors from the bride’s guests but also together.

“We need to also keep the other non-wedding party hotel guests on separate floors that are not occupied by the wedding group, as movement during the night could disturb the other guests while they sleep” Manish Added


Holding such a big event as an Indian wedding can be overwhelming for your staff.  

“Patience is definitely required, as things keep changing right up until the last minute.  Staff need to be able to handle pressure. A lot goes into planning an Indian wedding and the pressure is on right from the time the guests check in until they check out, and 90% of all functions are always delayed. So getting the right ‘up-to-date’ start time from the guests is very important.”

Other Guests

There will be a traditional procession of the groom called a Baraat. There will be a lot of noise and there will be a lot of people. Manish said that keeping other guests informed is a must. Also, keep your breakfast venues separated – one exclusively for wedding guests, and one for the general hotel guests. This will keep both regular guests and the wedding guests happy as you will often find that in a wedding situation, guests will come in and out of the breakfast area multiple times and even use it as a meeting place to meet with, catch up and plan with other family members throughout the morning.   

“We do have an in house florist. Our team, F&B and Events, can also help in planning details for the function, and because we have done numerous of weddings we do know a lot of suppliers and wedding organizers that we can recommend to our guests as well” said Manish.

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit is well-known among local and international wedding planners. To become an expert, one must master all skills required for this special occasion.