Today’s hoteliers rely on a number of different distribution channels, some of which offer better returns than others, but when it comes to bringing in the business clients has some ideas why looking at HRS might be worth your while.

For an overview, let’s start out on the other side of the hotel-to-business customer transaction for once. Imagine yourself in the shoes of your corporate client, trying to negotiate deals on hotel accommodation in multiple cities across different markets, trying to stay within your budget and policy guidelines, and looking for the best rates in local markets you don’t quite fully understand. In fact, 19% of corporate buyers report that a lack of local knowledge is a major barrier to them achieving their ideal hotel package. The usual outcome is that you end up paying more than you should while patronizing the same old set of chain hotels because you don’t have time to move away from the familiar and don’t have time to seek out better alternatives.

From the viewpoint of your corporate client, HRS provides the perfect solution, offering the whole range of chain but also independent properties worldwide, and helping to negotiate the best hotel packages that perfectly match their customers’ needs. Figures show that around 38% of large corporations are now outsourcing their hotel negotiations to third parties who can better handle the complexity involved – and this is how HRS has managed to accumulate more than 40,000 corporate customers who rely on their expertise to get the best hotel deals.

The solutions HRS offers to corporate clients can also neatly address the concerns of hoteliers – the business is, after all, about matching the needs of buyers and sellers. HRS provides hotels with lower costs of acquisition and distribution than many of the existing channels, such as traditional travel agencies and the OTAs. It’s also possible for hotels to communicate directly with HRS in any of 12 languages via local offices or through online round-the-clock assistance.  

HRS engineers the full booking environment of its customers and takes care of the fulfillment of bookings. HRS makes its hotel partners bookable in all corporate booking channels, facilitating quick corporate bookings by both agents and travelers using online booking engines like Concur and Cytric. Hotels granting HRS availability and best offers will enable multiple customer-preferred booking channels.

Thanks to this comprehensive coverage and global convenience, HRS is rapidly expanding its client base in key destinations across Asia-Pacific, and building strong relationships with numerous Fortune Top 500 companies. With a growing network of offices in prime destinations, HRS is ideally positioned to serve business customers worldwide.

This industry expertise is also put to effective use as HRS shares hospitality intelligence with hotels, as well as cooperating with hoteliers to create profitable hotel packages to offer to corporate customers. Of particular interest for hotels, however, is the industry data which HRS gathers through its in-house computing center. For example, the data for August 2017 clearly revealed that when given the choice between two similarly located hotels offering the same service standards and star ratings, 82% of corporate travel managers would opt for the property which provided last-minute cancellation until 6 pm on the day of arrival. Access to a wealth of insights like these can only be advantageous to hoteliers seeking to gain a competitive edge.