Why are guests - especially Millennials deciding to forgo the comforts of housekeeping and room-service and rather choosing to stay at AirBnB for business, leisure and even longer term accommodation?

In this episode of 'Getting to Know', hear Mo Seetubtim's best and worst AirBnB experiences as well as some great advice for hoteliers about how they might look at getting business back from AirBnB die-hards - especially the millennial market.

Mo Seetubtim is the CEO and Founder of 'The Happiness Planner'   Mo's international success means that not only does her award winning Happiness planner and journals get to enjoy success in many countries around the globe, but Mo too embodies what she preaches and lives from city to city around the world all year round.  While hotels may play a small role, AirBnB is Mo's 'go to' for accommodation.

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