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Would it be better if you didn’t have to change your flowers several times a day? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they just stayed fresh for months on end?

5 star hotels in Bangkok typically set their monthly floral budgets between 100 to 300,000 baht (2800 to 8500 USD), because in this competitive market everything counts, and if one flower is going to make a difference then why not? In fact, there is a study from Rutgers University showing just how effective flowers can be in elevating people’s mood:

When entering any space, our attention focuses immediately on the colors, whether we are aware of it or not. That’s why you’ll often see brightly colored flowers such as orchids and roses displayed in the lobby, where their impact will be the greatest. Although they’re expensive, high maintenance, and have a short life span, orchids and roses are great for grabbing the attention of guests.

But what if you could achieve the same effects on a smaller budget and spend less of your valuable time, through keeping your flower displays fresh and long-lasting?

With today’s technology it’s actually possible to create roses that can stay fresh for up to 18 months. Flower arrangements can also be more fun and more creative because these roses come in red, blue, green, black, purple – a whole kaleidoscope of colors with which to make an impression.

There are a number of sources in the world that can develop these long-lasting flowers, but to make sure that your flowers look natural, instead of resembling a middle-aged woman with too much Botox, you need to consider the origin of the flowers very carefully. Luxury hotels acquire their roses from trusted farms in Northern Thailand, Holland and Ecuador, because these countries typically have the experience in innovation and logistics to produce the best results. Innovation is vital because these are not your typical roses so they need to be grown under glass with accurate temperature controls, and cut within a precise timeframe. Special technology is also needed to eliminate the humidity and create the perfect environment, otherwise you get a long-lasting rubbery rose instead. On the logistics side, traveling is not a major problem because these roses last over a year, but they must be protected from the humidity and direct sunlight that can shorten their life span.

Hotels have been recently looking at this option not only to improve the economics of adding floral decorations to their properties, but also as a new way to wow guests with a unique turndown gift.

According to the study mentioned above, people who receive flowers will more often than not respond with what is technically known as a ‘Duchenne smile’ – and there is surely no better measure of guest satisfaction than that.