he·don·ism ˈhēdəˌnizəm,ˈhedənˌizəm/

*noun: *hedonism

the ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.


Nikki Beach is known for its great party atmosphere where fancy bottles are delivered, or rather ‘paraded’ by good-looking people all dressed in white. Their DJ’s are world class and for anyone who has had the ‘Nikki Beach’ experience would have to admit that it is definitely something to be experienced, and for those who feel a need to be seen, Nikki Beach is the place to be seen.

I have been fortunate enough to have had the ‘Nikki Beach’ party experience in Samui, Thailand and I must say that it was definitely a fun time and it seemed that I wasn’t the only one there that felt that way. Everyone had a great time. There were however no baby elephants involved. Over the past week, photos have gone viral from a now infamous party at Nikki Beach Phuket, where drunk, half naked mostly western party goers were riding a baby elephant around the pool area at one of their parties. The photos drew outrage from people all over the world who in one way or another were asking the same question. “Where do you draw the ‘fun’ line when it comes to hotels and hedonism?”

People are there to have fun. Nikki Beach never wanting to play second ‘fun-fiddle’ needs to keep being creative and upping the ante to deliver. It seems that line has been drawn by the public for them. That line is animal abuse.

The photos of intoxicated group of people riding baby elephant have gone viral and do indeed have a kind of shock “No… they didn’t did they?” element to them. Nikki Beach World responded on Twitter

Elephants are a highly respected symbol of Thailand. As a global company, Nikki Beach respects every country’s culture and traditions and as such, we fall into the normal behaviors in usage of elephants to represent their culture. We never intended to be disrespectful and / or offend anyone

As a Thai, I feel that Nikki Beach may not be aware that they have probably offended foreign animal lovers for than the locals to be honest.

Was it bad judgment? Yes. Where should the blame sit? Is it the fault of the drunken partygoers taking the baby elephant for a joy ride? In the end, it is Nikki Beach that should take responsibility for this.

We tried to contact the Regional Manager as well as General Manager to get a statement from them, but are yet to receive a response from them.

In the immediate aftermath after the photos had gone viral, Trip Advisor was filling up with comments lambasting Nikki Beach. Upon last check however, it seems that someone has been hard at work and negative reviews that mentioned ‘elephants’ had vanished.

Did Nikki Beach really do anything against animal rights or break the law? No, at least not in Thailand. Where however do you draw the line when it comes to such a sensitive topic as this? While the majority of your guests may be hedonists who just want nothing but fun, just be careful as the people who influence your future guests might think differently.