The name ‘Bill Heinecke’ evokes different things for different people in this part of the world.  Born in the US, the now naturalised Thai citizen’s name may cause other things to spring to mind including;  ‘billionaire’, ‘successful businessman’, ‘shrewd’, ‘determined’, ‘diverse’, ‘food and restaurant chains’, ‘private jets (MJET)’ and ‘plays to win’.

While Heinecke first entered the hotel business in 1978 with The Royal Garden Resort in Pattaya, Thailand, now more than ever as you travel around the globe, through his Minor Hotel properties, the Heinecke name has become an international benchmark when it comes to luxury properties and global hospitality.

In this episode of’s podcast, Wimintra Jangnin speaks candidly with Bill Heinecke about how much influence he still actually exerts on business decisions within his multi-faceted empire, what factors are considered when going into a new market and we also hear about his philosophy of “If you can’t beat ‘em, buy ‘em” that seems to be working very well for him.

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