Belinda Fung is the General Manager of Dorsett Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, as well as Dorsett Regency, Hong Kong and Dorsett Grand Chengdu in China. Belinda’s past portfolio includes senior positions in different hotel groups. In 2011, Belinda was accorded the Top Ten Outstanding Employee Award as well as Employee of The Year Award among 40,000 staff of a hotel chain group. In addition, she was once awarded as the first ‘Courtesy Ambassador Hong Kong’ by Hong Kong Tourist Association.

What’s the most challenging in running your hotel?

Being situated in an evolving Central Business District, the area around hotel is undergoing quite a lot of infrastructure works and developments, which required our team to keep an eye on the changes and adjust our day-to-day operations to provide our guests with the best staying experience.

Have you ever been given any advice that proved not to be true?

How ‘useful’ of an advice being given quite depends on the intelligence of oneself. All advice shared with me is useful and inspiring, offering me innovative ideas for solutions to deal with problems.

How being a female GM advantage you in your career?

Quality and performance demanded for a GM will be the same for both genders. So sorry to tell that there’s NO advantage for being a female GM

What was your darkest moment in your career?

For this question, the answer must be ‘not applicable’. I am so lucky to have very good and supportive colleagues working with me in the past and present, learning and growing together, always sharing the same values and goals with me, and offering me with constructive ideas. Continuous support from the head office / corporate office, supervisors and friends are also very important in my career and must be mentioned too.

If you could turn back time, what would be the one thing you would have changed in your career?

All the experience gained in the past years benefits me a lot to become a GM and at this point, I consider my career path is so far so good, no regrets.

What are your preferred sources when it comes to learning about hotels?

Good interpersonal relationship, to meet with different people, to listen and have open-mind always. Every single sharing or advice from hotelier, hotel guest, my staff or even a friend is definitely a valuable source to learn about hotel. To read trade journal, magazine and is another effective way to learn latest news and trend of the industry.

Are you a ‘Lobby GM’ or a Numbers GM?’ – And what is the importance of being a Lobby and / or a Numbers GM?

Both, for me, service and business is interactive. It’s essential for a GM to acquire balance of the role between service and business, which is undoubtedly the fundamental element for healthy development and management of the hotel. With good interaction and channels from our guests, I could lead the team to keep up our excellent service to provide best staying experience, and at the same time, I could adjust our policies for long-term growth of business. It’s important for me keeping pace with time, to learn, review and improve continuously.

What kind of marketing tools you find to be effective in PR&Marketing in the hotel world today?

One is Social media platforms. These channels can provide us effective interactive platform to get instant feedbacks from our guests on our services, promotions, reservation requisition or even their staying experience, while we could also make and adjust our plan or reaction immediately. We could have our very own PR channels to share our values, delivering image building stories and of course promotional messages at lower cost and effective way.

Another will be ‘every individual’ in the team! To create the effect of word-of-month and get reputation of the hotel, members of the entire team are all indeed ‘PR representatives’ best showing our culture, value and guest-oriented service.