Roy Liang has been named as a General Manager of Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore. Roy has years of experience in managing serviced residences in Asia and is one of the youngest General Managers in Singapore.

What’s the most challenging aspect of running your serviced apartment?

I had a short timeline of four months to hire and establish a pre-opening team and spearhead the launch of this new property – the largest (by inventory) and most luxurious serviced apartment in Singapore’s Central Business District. I’m thankful for this opportunity – it allowed me to challenge myself as a young General Manager – from hiring a team of leaders to finalizing the operational design and achieving stabilization. Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore has successfully launched as the flagship property.

What makes your property unique?

Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore is positioned to go beyond the offerings provided by five-star hotels. We provide a luxurious and high-quality living environment for our guests, and at the same time, our serviced apartments are larger than the standard luxury hotel room, complete with all the facilities and amenities of a premium hotel.

As our minimum stay requirement is 7 nights, our apartments are designed to suit long term stays. We provide expansive luxurious accommodation – our 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments have fully-equipped kitchen, washer and dryer. A comprehensive range of premium facilities are available to help our guests achieve a work-life balance during their stay, including Se7enth restaurant with in-room dining options, The Oakwood Executive Club lounge, contemporary lobby bar, an outdoor infinity pool and jacuzzi, The Fitness Center by Oakwood, outdoor barbeque, Boardroom with meeting facilities, residents’ lounge, and more, all managed by Oakwood.

Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore has redefined the premium serviced apartment model in Singapore. With our own, in-house restaurant, bar and executive club lounge managed by an expert culinary team, our guests have a comprehensive in-house dining experience.

In addition to this, our strategic inner city location in the heart of Singapore’s downtown provides guests with immediate access to vast retail and smart corporate facilities on-site within the same OUE Downtown mixed-use development, while still giving them a comfortable and relaxing hospitality experience with all the luxuries of a hotel.

**What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced in your role? **

The main challenge would be having to raise the profile of a relatively new brand in Singapore (though it is reputable outside of Singapore) and swinging business from our competitors over to us.

At the same time, being a relatively young General Manager (and looking younger than my age), I am well aware of the natural skepticism. I would ensure that I produce high quality work for each of the tasks given so that people could trust me and I could improve on my credibility. Also, I would often volunteer to help with more initiatives and tasks within the company to increase my exposure and to continue learning while trying out new things.

What kind of marketing tools do you find to be effective in PR & Marketing in your business sector world today? (Does the same marketing approach works for serviced apartment like yours?)

1] Marketing – Social media is king these days and I am a huge advocate, particularly on LinkedIn. The professional platform is an ideal communications channel for serviced apartments like Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore, where we can directly reach out to HR professionals and C-suite executives who are our main clienteles. Of course, traditional media like newspapers and magazines are still crucial in uplifting our brand image and spreading awareness to support the online efforts.

2] PR – I still believe in the “human touch” and the power of word-of-mouth. Apart from the marketing communications specialist in the company, all other employees including myself are key ambassadors of the property. Providing positive experiences to guests and for them to share personal first-hand encounters with their friends and colleagues would be deemed to be credible.

If you were a superhero, what would you be and why?

Captain America. Apart from having the strength and power, he is a superhero who takes a step back, looks at the big picture and spearheads the strategy for the team to overcome challenges. I liken myself to such a trait as the General Manager of a serviced apartment.