Adwin Chong is a Cluster General Manager of Windsor Plaza Hotel and Sherwood Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. A Malaysian born, Adwin has been in the industry for more than 2 decades He has been operating hotels in Vietnam since 2009.

What’s the most challenging aspect in running your hotel?

The biggest challenge is to enhance our hotel image or the change of perception being our location. We are the best in this area in terms of software and hardware including being newly refurbished, we also have to promote and market the historical sites and heritage of this district to the audience. Hourly complimentary shuttle bus services to city center which is merely 15 minutes away and you have best of both worlds to stay with us.

Have you ever been given any advice that proved not to be true?

You are fully accountable for any advice acceptance anyway.

What is your favorite spot in your hotel and why?

At our Top of The Town, the only rooftop bar and restaurant in this area. It is by the window at the restaurant where you can have a full view of the city, amazed by the massive development of this city which give you the extra push or energy to move forward.

What are your preferred sources when it comes to learning about hotels?

My preferred sources are my well-travelled guests, business partners and friends as they look at things differently or different perspectives since they are not a typical hotelier. Of course not forgetting my owner.

Are you a ‘Lobby GM’ or a Numbers GM?’ – And what is the importance of being a Lobby and / or a Numbers GM?

I consider myself a lobby gm as I always prefer managing by walking around but sensitive in numbers is a must so have to strike a balance between both.

What kind of marketing tools you find to be effective in PR & Marketing in the hotel world today?

Social media plays an important part of our strategy. We try to stay relevant to today’s world by using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay connected with our guests.