When it comes to branding there are these six attributes of human-centric brands to which many marketers would turn. These six attributes are Physicality, Intellectuality, Sociability, Emotionality, Personality, and Morality. The one that often stands out for me is Emotionality, so I’d like to share some of the more powerful, emotional, and sometimes tear-jerking campaigns that some of our favorite hotels have used.

“A Sense of Place” – Rosewood

This brand is a favorite of affluent luxury travelers. Rosewood is renowned for its design and its brand positioning in the market. I haven’t personally had the pleasure of staying at one but I love the tagline, “A sense of place”, because usually when I visit hotels, the destination is secondary to the main purpose of my travels and I often feel out of place. Hotel branding typically tries to replicate the brand across every property in the world, and in many cases the effect doesn’t quite work as the connection with the destination is lost.

Rosewood’s Karim Karouni explains it best. “The core concept of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts that sets us apart from our competitors is the guiding principle of A Sense of Place®. This has always been the compass for our brand. It is a concept that is woven throughout all Rosewood properties, making each one distinct and individual – from the architecture and interior design, to the artwork, dining, recreation experiences and more. Each Rosewood hotel or resort uniquely showcases and celebrates each destination’s culture and history. We want to take guests on a journey of exploration to heighten their experience of the destination. At every touchpoint throughout the guest’s stay, in both facilities and services, Rosewood hotels deliver authenticity. We believe it is this deep, visceral connection between our properties and their locations that make Rosewood properties so distinctive and appealing.”

“Paradise Isn’t a Place, It’s a Feeling” – #CanYouFeelIt – One&Only Resorts

The name “One&Only” says it all. You don’t need an explanation. You don’t need to be a genius to understand it, yet it is a statement of genius. My own experience with One&Only Resorts at the Palm Dubai led me to discover more about the brand and fall in love with it ever more deeply. “Paradise isn’t a place, it’s a feeling” is a tagline that comes with another genius campaign, #CanYouFeelIt, along with a VDO that will give you goosebumps and make you want to pack your bags and go on a journey.

“Celebration of Life, Tell Only Your Best Friend” – Nikki Beach

To honor the loss of his daughter, Nicole, in a car accident, Jack Penrod, Nikki Beach Founder and President, started Café Nikki in Miami Beach. It was a zen-like and peaceful garden. “Guests who came by would tell someone else about us, and so on, and the buzz started building. With 13 locations worldwide, and our 14th opening in Barbados at the end of the year, we’ve never really had to advertise traditionally, but instead have built our success by word of mouth,” explained Lucia Penrod, CEO and CMO of Nikki Beach Global.

“During those early years, Miami was busy with modeling agencies and the movie industry, and as a result, celebrities found their way into Café Nikki. They fell in love with its energy and become loyal followers of our brand. This loyalty has followed us around the world. With the success of Café Nikki, a natural expansion to the beach area adjacent to the café took place, and Nikki Beach was born. We welcome celebrity guests, locals, tourists, and jet setters at all of our locations, and everybody feels special. Our guests have one thing in common, which is an understanding of our brand. Our family’s commitment is to ‘Celebrate Life’. Our ‘Celebration of Life’ tagline is our company’s mission and purpose.”

“We Love What We Do” – Robinson Club

This is an industry that requires passion, and patience. If you don’t love what you do, you might as well find something else to do. I love this tagline because it is about the staff, and it’s great to see a brand showcase the staff before the guests. And as everyone in the industry knows, you can’t build a good hotel without great staff.

Check the talented staff of Robinson Club Maldives VDO

If you are a brand, or looking to build a brand in this day and age of digital-driven commerce, don’t forget to be a bit more human and consider the six attributes of human-centric marketing to help you get your message across.