The term ‘luxury’ has been a catch word in the hotel industry for quite some time now.  From Sheraton’s ‘Luxury Collection’, to the local hotel names tagged with the word ‘luxury’ that are scattered down every other side street in cities across Southeast Asia. Does a hotel need to have a marble lobby hall? A golden staircase? Million thread-count pillows? For some, just the term ‘luxury’ is enough to spark feelings of pretentiousness.

In our view luxury is subjective and doesn’t have to be pretentious. It may or may not involve red carpet, crystal chandeliers and caviar on arrival. Sometimes, ‘luxury’ could simply mean you get what you want, when you want it – no matter how glossy or grungy it is. In the end luxury is about experiences and memories that have been customised especially for ‘us’.

**My Own Personal ‘Luxury’ Experience at Aleenta Hun Hin **

I will often check into a 5 star or luxurious hotel and it ends up feeling like I’m ‘enduring’ rather than ‘enjoying’  what they think is good more me. They might only serve a certain menu and not even allow me to ask for alternatives. Many such ‘luxurious’ hotel restaurants only open at a certain times and won’t even let you in and wait inside. This is what Aleenta did differently. I actually got what I wanted – down to the last detail. I was served the food that I was craving, even though it wasn’t on the menu. I got to dine on the beach under a romantic romantic full-moon complete with candlelight and bonfire. I got to go to the local temple to celebrate the end of the rainy season, as well as do some farming, plant trees, and spend time with the local children and animals.  These are all things I have dreamed of doing – my own ‘luxury’, and they were all made possible because of Aleenta’s great staff and philosophy of ‘luxury’.

Aleenta Hun Hin Resort and Spa, under the command of its larger than life General Manager James Noble, has done an amazing job building their CSR programmes.  They not only build and use everything within the property based on solid sustainability principles, but they also let guests be a part of it.

James Noble, the General Manager said that ‘luxury’ means to creating memories and that’s exactly what they do at Aleenta.

Watch this Video to the end.  It’s something very fresh and very special.