The Republican and Democratic nominees are running their campaigns, and it got me contemplating the role of a hotel General Manager.

The hotel G.M. is running multi campaigns every day of every year! We call it work, but it is actually campaigning.

Stop a moment and think about this.

  • The Staff campaign:

The GM must always be seen as a leader by the team and associates, popular for fairness and honesty. A never ending campaign where actions show character as an even minded person that cares about the welfare of the staff and listens to their comments, good or bad. It is a campaign to instill in the staff the owner’s vision along with the hotel targets.

This is probably the most important campaign.

This campaign, if won, results in satisfied guests.

** The result:**

Satisfied and happy staff that will provide good service.

  • The guest campaign:

The GM strives to keep all the guests satisfied all of the time….OK, that’s impossible and we know it. But striving to do so will, with the invaluable work of the happy staff, result in maximum satisfaction of the service.

** The result:**

Satisfied guests. Good write ups. Solid reputation. Returning guests.  Good  social  media. Some may say that this is the most important campaign, but I believe that this is the end result of the successful staff campaign.

  • The Sales and Marketing campaign:

This trail leads to nurturing the hotel travel agents, repeat visits to show their importance. It is a continuous search for sources of business at the most opportune rates possible. It is never on line and off, and is never ending.

The result:

Flow of new business that will experience the first two campaign targets, and will spread out in waves to increase your reputation. It leads to a closed, very positive circle that is ever expanding but only if orchestrated well in conjunction with the two campaigns above.

  • The hygiene campaign:

Again, a never ending campaign to keep the property clean at all times, whether public areas, guest rooms or car park and landscaping. To do this the campaign involves earning the trust and respect of the housekeeper and the staff. Part of the first campaign, this will ensure the highest standards of cleanliness in all areas. As with all campaigns, bonuses may be a part of the promises to be kept if the campaign is won.

The result:

Satisfied guests. This is the ‘second of the ‘trilogy’ campaigns that results in happy guests.

  • The Maintenance campaign:

A most important campaign fought against the ever increasing wear and tear of the hotel FF&E as well as the main systems. A continuous project involving the Engineer and the team to make sure of preventive maintenance and up keep on all things impacting a guest stay.

The result:

The best and smoothest operation.  This is the third of the ‘Trilogy’ campaigns and another very important puzzle piece that fits in with the other two to make the guest stay as perfect as possible.

**The Food and Beverage campaign: **

A never ending project to ensure the highest standards of the operation, the best food and beverage offerings in the competitive set and the best reputation of the facilities.

The result:

A further puzzle in the successful campaigns that will enhance the reputation and become an additional guest magnet.

The campaign has been won!

The results?

You have a great property. You have both returning guests and a continuous stream of new guests to keep your occupancy high. You have run successful campaigns that have led you to attain your targets while keeping the owners vision front and center.

You have a well kept, clean property run by a happy team that answers the demands of your guests while achieving the best financial results in your competitive set.

Are you running successful campaigns?