marriott app screenshot

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit, as a prototype hotel for brand renovation, has been chosen to be the first hotel in Thailand to use the new event management app, the ‘Red Coat Direct’.

What is the ‘Red Coat Direct’?

It is an app that can help event organizers to organize their meetings more effectively. This means that if you’re planning an event at the Marriott, you will receive the link to the Red Coat Direct app three days before your event, giving you a direct connection with the hotel so you can manage your needs right away.

You will be able to control the room temperature, add more chairs, ask for extra tea and coffee, and send whatever requests you wish for via the app, and the hotel will respond to your requirements immediately.

Indraneel Benadikar, the Director of Marketing, said that event planners liked the app. “It’s hassle free for event planners. They don’t need to leave the room and find someone to help with the requests. They can control everything via the app.”

The Red Coat Direct is user friendly (I have tried it myself) with availability in twenty languages. “It is an in-hand service that makes life easier. We have received positive feedback**and have not seen any downside to it,”Indraneel added. The only thing it requires is a strong internet connection, and that hasn’t been an issue since the day the app was launched in the hotel in February this year.

Game Changer

Not only can event planners can make requests by fingertip via the Red Coat Direct, but Marriott has also taken the meeting experience to the next level by introducing ‘Meeting Imagined’, which is a platform that allows event organizers to get a preview of how their event will look. This is to respond to the next generation’s need for ‘everything visual’ and to provide a differentiated approach for selling and planning meetings according to the specific purpose.

We will launch the Meeting Imagined apps in 2015. The entire project and committee was started from 2013 and the company is committed to developing in the technological area to facilitate travel for our consumers. It is part of the long range planning for Marriott International,” said Grace Hoang, Assistant Director of PR and Marketing.

This exciting game changer for the future of meetings looks all set to take little more than the tip of your finger..