The inaugural South East Asia Hotel Investors’ Summit (“SEAHIS”) will be launched in Bangkok on 13/14 June by the global hotel owners’ alliance, HOFTEL, so hotel company CEOs and other senior executives will be flying in from around the region to join what should be an unusually direct and hard-hitting series of debates.

HOFTEL’s CEO Simon Allison explains:

“Hotel owners have a wide range of concerns in today’s market:  high commissions from the OTAs; consolidation among operators leading to fewer choices, higher fees, and even more one-sided contracts; the spread of the sharing economy; global instability, and of course the ever-present danger of oversupply. What makes SEAHIS unusual is that almost all our sessions are led by senior executives from the real estate side of the business and they are likely to speak out and voice their views openly and in some cases quite assertively.  There should be some excellent discussions”.

SEAHIS will feature not only Thai hotel leaders, but also CEOs and other top executives from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Australia including James Riley, Jennifer Cronin, Vincent Yeo, Tan Juay Hiang, Ricky Ang, Peter Ryder, and Ron Barrott. Moreover, with 50 different companies which own or develop hotels attending, it is an unprecedented gathering of hotel real estate investors, with portfolios of billions of dollars, in Bangkok.

Enquiries about SEAHIS 2017 can be directed to Simon Allison, Chairman, HOFTEL at: Tel: +44 7771 762274