Grace Hoang

On June 20th 2016, the Director of Sales and Marketing, Helene Fong announced the appointment of Grace Hoang as the new Director of Marketing Communications. In this role, Grace will be looking after the JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok and the Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa.

Grace has a vast knowledge of digital and social media, and over the years has fostered a strong rapport with regional publications and relations.

‘Managing a company’s page is very different from having your personal Facebook accounts. It is much more complex than that: who are your audience? What are they interested in? Where and when to reach them? Is your content interesting enough and also appropriate for your brand DNA? So many questions should be answered prior to putting you social media strategy together.

It is quite easy to get caught up in daily tasks: snapping photos and creating content that sometimes it is hard to stay updated with what is new and what is next with social media. Did you see that new “Contact us” tab on Instagram? Are you aware of the “Shop” function on Facebook?  What are the new social trends? Do you understand your audience and their preferences? Do you know what the social giants rolling out next? Have you been preparing for those new features and trends? Digital in general is forever changing, so don’t just react to changes; you’d better stay ahead‘

Grace’s advice when it comes to management of digital media –  ‘The questions you should be asking yourself would be; What do you want? Awareness? Sales? Retention? Different channels will be suitable for different purposes. Remember, these goals do not have to be mutually exclusive, but do not be so greedy and spread yourself too thin; lack of focus and subsequently repetitive content will not get you far. From my experience though, there is no golden attribution formula (and customers these days getting their information and contents from various sources) so there is not one single channel that brings most value. It is normally smart use of multiple channels to help you achieve desired results.

Content is still king. We are looking for ways to diversify our content to make it more engaging and appealing to the audience and henceforth, grow our fan base organically’

Vietnamese by birth, Grace was raised and educated in the United States.  She has a passion for epicurean and travel adventures and during her free time, there a good chance that she is checking out new places to dine in the dynamic city of Bangkok.