We have done stories before on spas, especially ones that can relax your mind with a beauty benefit. This time, however, we’d like to try something different for beauty purposes only. The big city lifestyle can be stressful; sometimes it affects your health and other times it affects your beauty, but once in a while we all need detoxifying to  release the toxins from our system and to reboot our energy. Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel offers a spa experience that could help you to achieve a healthy and beautiful look at Anne Semonin.

Why Anne Semonin?

There are plenty of award-winning spa products on the market, so we had to ask why Anne Semonin has been selected for Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit.

We chose Anne Semonin for its global recognition and prestige. This spa brand is very selective and only available in the best and most luxurious hotels around the world in over 39 countries, so it is our honor to partner with them. We strongly believe that Anne Semonin can bring the international wellness knowledge with a local twist, and this partnership will bring two industry leaders together to give the guests the best experience possible,” said Grace Hoang, Assistant Director of PR and Marketing.

Anne Semonin Spa is world renowned for ‘made to measure’ spa treatments and skincare products that enhance natural beauty. Regardless of age or skin type, all the products and treatments work in harmony with the epidermis to combat conditions such as fatigue, stress or hormonal imbalance, allowing the skin to reveal its vitality and radiance. Anne Semonin Spa is a luxurious 5-star brand and uses only the latest anti-aging techniques and the highest quality  active ingredients.

Anti-Aging Body Wrap

This treatment will help regenerate the skin to look its best. It starts off with pure essential oils massaged gently into the skin, followed by a body scrub using grapes from France for their antioxidant benefits. Dead skin cells are then deftly scrubbed off before the therapist prepares for the body mask where you are wrapped in foil and the Anne Semonin cream that helps with body drainage and smoothes the skin. For the best results while doing the body mask, the air conditioning will be turned off.

While being wrapped, the therapist gives a wonderful scalp massage. My head feels lighter and I really enjoy it,” reported our PR assistant, whose many jobs include the responsibility of reviewing new spas.

The treatment does not focus on relaxation quite so much as other treatments on the menu but it does feel relaxing and gives amazing results on the skin.

My skin feels so much  softer and it looks really radiant. Although they said it’s not a treatment for relaxation as you have to get up to rinse off your body a few times, I don’t mind that at all and it still feels pretty relaxing.

Another popular treatment at Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit is the latest Anne Semonin product – the Anne Semonin White Star Even Tone Facial that treats age spots, sun spots or similar areas of dark pigmentation, revealing a luminous and even tone complexion.


The treatment does what it promises and it’s a very good thing. People like to see the result rather than just feel the result and this spa achieves exactly that, although having an experienced therapist who knows what she is doing is what truly made the experience complete at Anne Semonin, Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit..