Amongst the thousands of things that professional hotel PR people need to do on a daily basis is having to create visual content for social media. There are times when loading it off onto a professional graphic designer is just not an option.

Here are a few tools, we think could save your day.

If you are looking to create a promotional post like – “Wine Wednesdays” or “Ladies’ Night Every Night”, or simply want to show off your beautiful swimming pool, Ripl is your answer. You can create a still or animated images with or without music that can be uploaded straight to your Facebook Page cover – How cool!

Created by LetterFX.
It’s free and available from the AppStore.  You can pay a little extra and upgrade to Ripl Pro where you can add your own hotel logo and customized designs then share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Ripl’s own timeline. It’s perfect for when you need to get a promotional post up immediately!

Another fun app to create a visual content is LetterFX. Besides making your posts looks fun and funky through their choice of fonts and letter effects (sometimes that’s all you want), there are lots of things that you can you can add in terms of information. LetterFX gives your social media presence a fun and edgy feel.

Word Swag is another app similar to Ripl. Perfect for when you need to create  inspirational quotes, brand statements, or a short message.  There are many options for colors, fonts, and designs. This app sets the image size to a square by default so that it is Instagram ready.

Created by Adobe Spark Post
Our last App to create visual content is [Adobe Spark Post]( It takes a few seconds to get started with all the sign-up and terms of agreement (unlike the other two where you can just  jump straight in), but it’s worth it. Personally, I think Adobe Spark Post can give you the most professional look out of all of these. It comes with a lot of professional shots that you can choose from, for free. You simply customize your own design from the available themes or make on of your own from scratch. It’s easy to use and social share is also available directly from the app.

Get creative with your visual content! Using these apps, you’ll be able to do it in a way that’s fast, efficient and professional.