Forget Air BNB, how about the ever trending upward STAYCATIONS!! Some of my thoughts……today’s article

An article I saw on Linkedin updates got me thinking again about the upward trend in staycations.
It is not that they are threatening the livelihood of the lodging industry, but as it grows in popularity it will become another factor impacting revenue for the whole tourism industry.

Consider normal life and work these days. It’s crazy. You get up, rush to work, get stressed out trying to over achieve on your workload and get home running on empty. You don’t have time to cook and order in another fast food meal….Pizza? Hamburger? Italian? Thai? You cannot remember what you ordered yesterday and crawl into bed bloated, to spend the next hour thinking about what you did not do today and what you need to do tomorrow!

Then you plan for the perfect vacation. Everything is set and the big day comes along. You stuff what you can in one bag since you do not want to pay for two, and leave a little space in the small one for shopping. You have to get your dog over to the boarder, and make sure that all perishables are thrown out of the fridge. Close windows, turn on the alarm and you are off, sinking satisfied into the back of the airport taxi.

You tack on to the end of the long line to check your bags in and slowly shuffle with the crowd towards the counters, Disneyland style ‘snake’ queues. Finally you get rid of the big bag and go find the end of the security check queue. It inches forward and finally you get to take off your shoes, belt, coat and everything else metal. You go through the detector and reunite with your clothes and bag.
Now it’s heaven. You can go get a lousy coffee and dry croissant after taking out a mortgage, and then wait for boarding. You get an obese person next to you who spills onto you during the whole flight and a flatulent guy in the row in front. Could it get worse? And this is supposed to be vacation!

You get to the hotel, and while the room is nice, there is a hair in the tub, the sink is slow to drain and the air conditioner is noisy. Worse, the restaurant is disappointing, so you opt to go to the supermarket the next day and buy a baguette, a bottle of wine and some cheese instead of betting on food at the resort.

You find some respite on the beach and life starts to look good until the young brats with the couple next to you start to throw sand at each other…..and you.
Now, play all that in reverse since you have to get home. Same stress, different direction.

Finally you get home and sink gratefully into your chair in your salon in your home on your street in your town. Home sweet home.
Beginning to understand why more and more people are settling for staycations? You have all the rooms in the world. You have your favorite restaurants, no bets if the food is good. You have ALL your clothes to choose from. You can shop with all the money you saved by NOT going on vacation. You know you are going to have the time of your life…….at home.

If all of us in the industry, from the airports to the airlines, from the taxis to the hotels, do not re invent our industry and make it fun and hassle free to go on vacation with great personalized service rather than the mostly generic experiences of today, then why wouldn’t more people stay at home for their vacations?

Now, let me go and cancel that flight………………

Thoughts anyone?