Not your typical hotel, this hotel is here to cater to Jewish and non-Jewish guests’ needs. Centra by Centara Avenue Pattaya is the first and only kosher hotel in Pattaya, serving kosher food as well as having a synagogue on site, for the growing Jewish tourist segment holidaying in Pattaya.

This boutique property features 51 guest rooms, roof top swimming pool, fitness center with steam and sauna rooms, and a restaurant that offers 100% kosher meals featuring Thai, Asian and international cuisine.

The dining room features a separate kosher kitchen. During Shabbat, the Jewish day of worship, chefs do not use gas to cook, electronic key cards are replaced with standard keys and the hotel’s lifts will automatically stop at every floor except the 2nd Floor, where the synagogue is located.

This hotel is only a short walk to the beachfront and a few minutes away from Central Festival Pattaya.

Apart from tourists, Centara Avenue Pattaya also gets a lot of traction from the local Jewish community in Pattaya for the Synagogue service offered by the hotel.

*Kosher food is food that is carefully sourced and prepared to meet ancient Jewish dietary laws. The word “kosher” is based on a Hebrew word meaning “proper” or “fit.”