Since Fusion was lauched in 2008, it has become well known for its wellness-inspired hotels and resorts. Today, they announced the third brand in their portfolio 'Fusion Originals'.

Inspired by the world’s most famous pioneering scientists, artists, and inventors, Fusion Originals inner-city hotels do not share a consistent style. Instead, each property will have its own uniqueness and style.

The first 'Fusion Originals' hotel which will be opened in Ho Chi Min city in 2019 is inspired by Charles Darwin, the English naturalist famous for his controversial theory of evolution by natural selection.

“World-changing ideas are what Fusion is all about.” said Remco de Hoog, Fusion’s chief architect. “Charles Darwin is the perfect person to launch this exciting, slightly rebellious all-new brand.”

The 88-room hotel will pay homage to its namesake by creating an air of 19th-century discovery and adventure. Fusion’s designers have focussed on Darwin’s tireless studies of plants, animals, and people from all over the globe and will honor this by featuring botanical motifs, super-sized extracts of Darwin’s manuscripts, and a palette of all-natural tones and textures in the interiors. There will even be a copy of Darwin’s most famous publication, On the Origin of Species, inside every bedside unit.

In the ground-floor lobby, the aptly named Beagle Bar will host regular live music and spoken-word events lubricated by old-school rum cocktails and local craft ales. Meanwhile, Origins Restaurant, home to a re-imagined breakfast concept known as T.O.A.S.T. (The Original Answer to Snooze Time), will serve dishes inspired by Charles Darwin’s global journeys.

“With Darwin and every Fusion Original that comes after it, you’ll never quite know what to expect” added de Hoog. “We love shaking things up, and we think our guests will really enjoy the feeling of entering the unknown each time… in a good way, of course!”