There are some people who as soon as they get out of bed, need a cup of coffee to get through their morning routine. According to the latest study done by Le Meridien, over half of the global respondents (53%) prefer morning coffee as a wake up call more than morning sex. Having to get dressed and venture out of your way to get a decent cup of coffee at breakfast time is just too much, and hotels have taken note!

The in-room coffee amenities provided by some hotels for many guests is too reminiscent of their office coffee. That is, pre-made, dull and boring. That’s not the half of it though. For many guests, the coffee amenities in the room are fraught with other perils – dust, spider webs and grubby coffee cups. To change this experience, hotels today are starting to focus on quality and the importance of the ‘coffee experience’ of their guests. If the guests want to go through their morning routine naked checking email and be sipping a very good coffee at the same time, they can have that!

A Great Cup of Coffee at Your Reach

Hiding under a Shanghai-Tang coffee cover at the Conrad Hong Kong, you will discover one of the finest ‘Nespresso’ coffees at your service ready for your drinking pleasure. Definitely no dust and cobwebs around here.

One of our readers was blown away by their experience at the Shangri-La Tokyo with their in-room Delonghi capsule machine. By the end of his stay, he ended up deciding to purchase the machine.

Providing coffee capsule machines is a trend we are seeing at many five star hotels. They say that these machines allow their guests to make their own real, quality coffee whenever they want during their stay. They also have variety, as there are several different blends available to them.

Coffee Availability in the Market

Illy has now supplied more than 300 outlets in Thailand with their capsule machines. One touch of a button triggers the ‘Iperespresso’ process, and 30 seconds later your coffee will be delivered straight into your cup just as though it was made by a professional barista. Illy has now revealed the secret of its blend and produced a Monoarabica selection of 6 Arabica coffee beans from the original blend.

CoffeeWorks offers a special selection of blends to hotels. The top blend is their ‘Panama Esmeralda Geisha’. There are also other blends like the ‘Espresso Vero’ which is very popular amongst hotel clients. CoffeeWorks also provides some high-end machines from Cimbali and Melitta.

While Kopi Luwak has been banned from many hotels due to animal warfare concerns and also concerns of authenticity after a study came out showing that a lot of coffee purported to be Kopi Luwak isn’t genuine, Elephant coffee is emerging and is popular amongst five-star hotels. Black Ivory is the only company in the world that produces coffee from elephant feces produced by rescued elephants at the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation. Black Ivory Coffee is available in a lot of 5 star hotels and resorts and is brewed using a style of brewing machine (syphon) that goes back to 1840. Accompanying this is a top of the line hand grinder so that the hotel can see, smell and taste fresh coffee

Future Trends for F&B

Coffee, in-room capsule machines and coffee shops aren’t the only beverage trends in hotels these days. We have also noticed a trend in tea high-end tea and luxury tea-houses in many Chinese influenced hotels in Asia. Some guests might want to enjoy the coffee shop atmosphere but instead of letting them walk out the door for Starbucks, some hotels are doing whatever they can to keep their guests in house.

“Since about 7-8 years ago I have seen some 4-5 star hotels in the US take the step of letting a coffee roaster open and run a coffee outlet branded with their coffee in the hotel, generally connected to the lobby.  Typically the space would be offered to the roaster for free because the hotel is getting a super relevant coffee build-out, offering, and operation (including the roaster’s trained baristi) with a depth of experience and coffee passion that is IMPOSSIBLE for these hotels to develop and maintain.  I suspect more and more hotel executives teams are recognising this fact that they can never create or maintain a relevant coffee experience like a roaster can.  Sometimes the roasters are well known global brands, but some of the best outlets of this nature are partnered with super high-end (craft) coffee roasting companies.  We’re actually quite open to this concept if it’s the right kind of partner hotel.” Said,Dale Lee, Co-Founder and MD of CoffeeWorks.

For hotel operators out there looking for new ways of giving you that important edge on your competitors, your answer just might lie in the beans..