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Image from: Hotels Thailand
Koh Kood is a hidden gem for both hotel investors and travellers located not too far from the busy capital of Thailand and accessible by both a car and a plane. It is perfect for people who are looking for some adventure, but not too much. A quiet getaway, but not too dull. I warn you though, if you are looking for crowded beaches end to end with beach beds, noisy bars and taxi / transportation run by local mafias that extort tourists, Koh Kood is NOT the place for you. Isn’t that great?

Away Koh Kood is managed and owned by BHMAsia. This beautiful resort faces directly onto the beach. Not just any beach. It has crystal clear water and is right at the point where the mangroves and estuary meet the ocean, giving amazing kayaking lake-like water on one side of a sand bar, and the wide open ocean on the other. To top that off, the resort also offers a swimming pool. Within walking distances, guests have access to very quaint little coffee shops, a yoga studio, Indian restaurant, other restaurants and several bars which open until 11:00pm.

Away Koh Kood

After an hour boat ride I wanted nothing but to jump into the water. The resort’s pick-up service was ready at the pier waiting for me with a cold towel and cold water. Within only a couple of minutes ride in the car, I found myself standing in front of that unspoiled gorgeous beach offered by Away. Who would have thought you could find such a beautiful place that hasn’t yet been built up not too far away from Bangkok.

Villas are well laid out. They are not too close to each other and all are facing the ocean so you get to enjoy the view from your balcony at all times. Away Koh Kood has been around for over a decade and you may find that room facilities are a little aged but they tell me this will all change soon.

From the resort, you can go kayaking to a nearby famous waterfall, take a fishing trip, go snorking or even take diving lessons. The good thing is that nobody on Koh Kood is there to hustle you or pressure you into doing anything, so if all you want to do is sit and laze around on your verandah looking over the beach, or sit on the pier for a few hours, you can do that too without anyone disturbing you.

Going Away

Koh Kood is at a bit of an awkward distance from Bangkok in that you could take public transport there and if timed correctly might not be too bad, or you could take a plane to Trat, though it might seriously add to the overall cost of the trip. Through either public transport – coach services, mini-bus, private car or plane, you need to make your way to the pier at Koh Kood in Trad province, Then you can take the main ferry, or arrive with a bit more style on a private speed boat which costs quite a lot more than the ferry. You will be looking at a boat journey of around 1-1.5 hours across to Koh Kood as it is around 80km away from the mainland.

Once you get there, all you need is a kayak and you can start venturing out to see the local sights. You can even row your boat to the nearby coffee shop or restaurants around the area. Motorbikes are available but not recommended.


Away offers everything you need to survive and stay comfortably, but not exactly in luxury. All the beach activities you could want are available throughout the day at the beach activity area. In case the resort gets too quiet you can enjoy their games bar with pool table, and other games including table hockey and darts.

Koh Kood itself only offers the basic necessities in life. Perhaps if any of the more fancy things in life were added, it might risk losing its charm. There is one drug store on the island and it opens only from 5pm – 10pm and has limited supplies, so if you need anything from the pharmacy, it’s advisable to bring it with you. There is one hospital, a school and a few beautiful beaches. Once you are there, you realize that you don’t really a lot to be content there.


Don’t forget to try the seafood B.B.Q. because you will get the freshest local seafood here. I can say as a Thai, that Thai food is a strength of BHMAsia. I have tried Thai food in other properties and I have to admit that they do know how to cook authentic Thai food, not a foreigner version of it. This is something that is missing from a lot of places. The breakfast buffet is decent. You get an egg station, carb and complex carb station, Thai breakfast, Salad and protein which I think it is very good for the island life.

The Castaway Bar is a resort bar and cocktails are at a great and price – around 150 baht (USD$5) per drink and you don’t need to pay any extra ‘++’ as it is set apart from the actual resort’s main area. You can play pool, darts or simply just sit there and enjoy a quiet night.


The hospitality is genuinely warm and welcoming. Staff are friendly and make you feel like you are a guest at their home. I ran out of eye-drops and they ran to the drug store for me without having to ask.


I can’t wait to go back. Away is a place for families, couples, and pretty much everyone because there are so many things you could do there. It has easy and safe access to other bars, restaurants and coffee shops. I hope Away would speed up in their renovation as I am keen to go back and take it for another spin!